Hi, first of all – thanks for stopping by. My name is the Nag Champa Guru. Only kidding… it’s Mark and I’m really into incense and relaxation! You’ve found my website so you must have an interest in incense as well – so I’m definitely in good company.

I first started using incense about 3 years ago and have steadily been increasing my depth of knowledge on the subject. During that time I have sampled many different types of incense. I’ve tried expensive stuff along with the cheap and nasty incense. I use mainly incense sticks and nag champa incense cones for convenience.

I use the incense for relaxation and simply to create a pleasant aroma throughout my home. My friends love coming round my house because it smells so good – seriously it does.

Of all the incense of tried I still keep coming back to one variety. Can you guess? Yes… Nag Champa! If you take your time and browse through the site you’ll discover just why Nag Champa incense is so very popular. I think the Satya Sai Baba nag champa incense sticks in particular are generally great value for money. Simply the best incense in terms of quality of fragrance for the money spent.